Oliver Wolfgang Etzold


Oliver Wolfgang Etzold
PhD Student

Centro Joxe Mari Korta
Avenida de Tolosa, 72
20018 Donostia - San Sebastián

email: oliver.etzold@polymat.eu


Oliver Etzold studied chemistry at Free University of Berlin. His fascination for non-covalent interactions first steered him towards organometallic chemistry and his bachelor thesis with the topic "Copper(I)-MIC complexes: Synthesis and catalytic application" under supervision of Prof. B. Sarkar in 2015.

During his master studies his fascination for non-covalent interactions remained, but his field of interest shifted towards supramolecular and polymer chemistry, especially for biomedical application. His interests were further boosted while working as student assistant for the Collaborative Research Center 1112 - Nanocarriers: Architecture, Transport, and Topical Application of Drugs for Therapeutic Use. In 2018, Oliver concluded his master studies with the thesis entitled "Structure-property relationship of Poly(glycidyl ether) functionalized alginates" under supervision of Dr. Marie Weinhart.

After a short term working for a biotechnology start-up project within the framework of Profund Innovation, he realized that chemical innovation bears a high potential for a more sustainable future. Thus, Oliver decided to further contribute to chemical innovation by starting his PhD studies at Polymat.


Since November 2019 Oliver has been working as a PhD student at Polymat under the supervision of Prof. J. M. Asua, Prof. M. Calderón, and Dr. R. Hernandez in collaboration with EHU/UPV. His research is focused on 3D printing of drug delivery systems for oral application.

Rheology and Advanced Manufacturing

Responsive Polymers for Therapeutics