Marcos Heredero Iborra


Marcos Heredero Iborra
PhD Student

Centro Joxe Mari Korta
Avenida de Tolosa, 72
20018 Donostia - San Sebastián

Tel:+34 943015324


Marcos Heredero Iborra received his BSc in Biotechnology from the University of Valencia (UV), in 2016. Where also earned his Master's degree in R&D in Biotechnology and Biomedicine, in 2017.

His master thesis in "Rational design and biotechnological production of novel antifungal chimeric proteins" was carried out in IATA-CSIC, under the supervision of Dr Paloma Manzanares Mir and Dr Jose F. Marcos López. Fruit of this work a related paper was published in the MDPI Microorganisms Journal in 2018, titled: Rational design and biotechnological production of novel AfpB-PAF26 chimeric antifungal proteins.


In 2019 he became part of the ISOMERASE ltd. biologists group as specialists in synthetic biology, in Cambridge, UK. During this time he was involved in various biotechnological projects for external companies, as Croda, Regeneron or Sandhill.

Multifunctional Protein-polymer Hybrids