Science and Engineering of Polymeric Biomaterials


Research is focused on polyester (co)polymers based on polylactides and polylactones. Mechanical properties and biodegradation rates are tuneable with copolymer composition and suitable for different biomedical implants and scaffolds for tissue engineering. Hard tissue (bone) and specific soft tissue regeneration (nervous system, urological, cartilage) is targeted with polymers that present behaviors from glassy-stiff to elastomeric. Biofabrication technologies such as additive manufacturing (3D printing, stereolithography and bioprinting) are also exploited for the production of smart, stimuli responsive scaffolds that are later evaluated for their tissue regenerative potential with different cell cultures.

Biodegradable (co)polyester hybrids including drugs and antibiotic biomolecules for specific controlled delivery are under study as well as radiopaque composites containing BaSO4 and/or other specific inorganic nanofillers.

Coordinators: José Ramon Sarasua and Aitor Larrañaga