Dr. Jérémy Demarteau


Dr. Jérémy Demarteau

Centro Joxe Mari Korta
Avenida de Tolosa, 72
20018 Donostia-San Sebastián

email: jeremy.demarteau@polymat.eu
Tel:+34 943 01 88 46


Dr. Jérémy Demarteau earned his Bachelor degree in Chemistry and his Master degree in Polymer Chemistry at the University of Liege (Belgium).

In 2013, he obtained a FRIA-FNRS scholarship for his PhD entitled: "Organocobalt complexes as sources of radicals for macromolecular engineering" in the Center for Education and Research on Macromolecules (CERM) in Liege.

Under the supervision of Dr. Christophe Detrembleur, he developed novel architectures and precise design of α-olefin-based polymers by controlled radical polymerization techniques. During his thesis, the synthesis of block copolymers based on less-activated monomers, as vinyl acetate and ethylene, has been intensively investigated.

His project also involved wide range of collaborators expanding his knowledge in different fields, as MALDI mass spectrometry analysis with Dr. J. DeWinter (UMons, Belgium) or fluorinated monomers with Prof. B. Ameduri in the University of Montpelier (France).


Since January 2018, he joined the Innovative Polymers Group of POLYMAT as a post-doctoral researcher. Within Harritz Sardon's team, he is working on the chemical recycling of commodity polymers, such as polycarbonates and polyester, into valuable monomers and the use of these monomers in a circular economy approach to sustainability. His current research is also focused on the controlled radical polymerization of biodegradable monomers.

Innovative Polymers Group