Innovative Polymers Group



Our laboratory covers a range of research activities between organic, polymer chemistry, materials science, electrochemistry and nanotechnology. Our main goal is the synthesis of INNOVATIVE POLYMER MATERIALS for energy and environmental applications. Our research activities are oriented towards a SUSTAINABLE POLYMER CHEMISTRY  which involves less hazardous and more efficient polymer catalysts, safer solvents and chemicals, polymers that biodegrade or can be easily recycled  and the use of renewable feedstocks in polymer science. One important research line of the group is the development of new polymers which may increase efficiency and ENERGY storage capacity of batteries.

We have a highly collaborative spirit and devotion to WORK TOGETHER WITH PEOPLE interested in the applications of our polymers. We are currently developing polymers for EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES such as bioelectronic devices, gas membranes, nanoelectronics, electrochemical energy storage or water purification systems.


Research lines


Poly(ionic liquids) coming from renewable sources

Organic catalysed polymerizations

Redox polymers for energy storage (batteries)

Polymers for bioelectronics