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POLYMAT researchers have contributed to attract ERC funds to Euskadi

Euskadi has attracted more than 30M€ from the European Research Council (ERC) since it was stablished by the European Commission in 2007. 14 out of the 23 grants have been  gained by Ikerbasque researchers.POLYMAT, with three ERC grantees and 4 grants, has played and important role in this achievement.

Matrix project - Thomas Schäfer. Starting Grant 2007. "Mixed-Matrix Interfaces for Enhanced Fine Chemicals Downstream Processing and Monitoring"

iPES project - David Mecerreyes. Starting Grant 2011. "Innovative Polymers for Energy Storage". 

ESSENS projectThomas Schäfer. Proof of Concept 2015. 

e-Sequence project - Aurelio Mateo-Alonso. Consolidator Grant 2016. "A sequential approach to engineer heteroatom doped graphene nanoribbons for electronic applications"

The latter has been highlighted as one of the most remarkable projects achieved in Euskadi