Huiyi Wang

Phd Student


Huiyi Wang
PhD Student

Centro Joxe Mari Korta
Avenida de Tolosa, 72
20018 Donostia - San Sebastián

Tel:+34 943 50 60 61


Huiyi Wang received her bachelor degree in Polymer Material Science and Engineering at Shanghai DONGHUA University from China in June 2015. From 2014 to 2015, she studied the structure, morphology and swelling behavior of hydrogel fibers with different spinning parameters as her bachelor thesis, under the supervision of Prof. Meifang Zhu. Between September 2015 to June 2018, she did the Master in Material Engineering at the Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, under the supervision of Prof. Bing Liao and Prof. Hao Pang. Her master thesis is about a preparation of core-shell conductive nanoparticles used nanocellulose.

In October 2018, she joined to the Responsive Polymer Therapeutics Group to carry out the PhD studies under the supervision of Dr. Marcelo Calderon at Polymat.


Her PhD project focuses on the un-conversion nanoparticles with the combination of polymers to be used in drug delivery.

Responsive Polymers for Therapeutics