Investigadores Senior

Center Director:      Prof. José M. Asua
General Manager:   Idoia Azaldegui

  Nombre Puesto Contacto Investigación
Dr. Nicholas Ballard Senior Researcher +34 943 018475

Focused on new techniques for producing polymeric particles with controllable microstructure and morphology.

Prof. María Paulis Senior Researcher +34 943 018481

Production of waterborne polymer/polymer and polymer/inorganic nanocomposite dispersion & molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) for biotechnological applications.

Prof. Radmila Tomovska Senior Researcher +34 943 018482


Dr. Ainhoa Lejardi Senior Researcher +34 946017371

Poly (vinyl alcohol), chitosan, graft copolymers, polymer miscibility, hydrogels.

Dr. Emiliano Meaurio Senior Researcher 946 014077

Polymer/polymer complexes, polymer blends, specific interactions, structural analysis of crystalline polymers by FTIR, molecular modeling, synthesis, graft copolymers.

Dr. Aitor Larrañaga Senior Researcher +34 946013935

Porous scaffolds, polymer composites, bioglass, surface functionalization by plasma, protein grafting, electrospinning, tissue engineering.

Dr. Ester Zuza Senior Researcher +34 946 013925

Polymer blends, specific interactions, polymer composites, carbon nano-reinforcements, viscoelasticity, molecular fragility.

Dr. Jaime Martín Senior Researcher +34 943015338

Fundamental aspects of functional polymers: structural and phase behavior of organic semiconductors, crystallization, liquid crystals, soft-photonics, low dimensionality (confinement) effects on polymer materials.

Dr. Fernando Ruipérez Senior Researcher +34 943 01 5985

Simulation at the quantum scale of structural properties, reactivity and design of polymers and catalysts.

Dr. Haritz Sardon Senior Researcher +34 943 015303

Sustainable polymerization, organocatalysis, polymers for nanomedicine

Dr. Jone Muñoz Senior Researcher +34 946014078

Complex polymer systems, structural analysis, atomic force microscopy, thermal characterization, rheology, 3D printing.

Prof. Agurtzane Mugica Assistant Professor +34 943 015 469

Theoretical and experimental study of polymer blends, their interactions and interphases; thermal properties, morphology, nucleation, crystallization and crystallization kinetics of semi-crystalline materials and of multiphasic materials (in particular polymer blends, block copolymers, biopolymers and nano-composites).

Prof. Manoli Zubitur Associate Professor +34 943 017180

Her fields of interest include also the preparation and characterization of polymer based nanocomposites for controlled drug release.

Prof. Amaia Butrón Senior Researcher +34 946 014994
Prof. Agustin Etxeberria Senior Researcher
Dr.Ana Beloqui Elizazu Senior Researcher +34 943018838