Grupo en Ciencia e Ingeniería de Biomateriales Poliméricos



The activities developed by the research group are clustered into six research lines:

1.- Synthesis and characterization of bioabsorbable copolymers ofelastomeric thermoplastic character for medical devices.

2.- Morphologic studies (crystallinity, phase structure, surface topography...) on complex biodegradable polymeric (micro and/or nanostructured) systems for their use as scaffolds on tissue engineering.

3.- Obtention and characterization of newpolymeric blends with tailored hygroscopicity, biodegradability and mechanical properties.

4.- Research and development of biodegradable polymeric systems with antibiotic activity for their use in urinary tract.

5.- Research and development of biodegradable polymeric systems and their use as hydrogels and/or nanocapsules-nanoparticles for controlled drug release.

6.- Research and development ofbioabsorbable thermoplastic elastomers for their use as medical devices: nerve guides, cardiovascular and esophageal stents, and soft tissues (cartilage), etc.