Grupo de Polímeros Multifásicos Avanzados



The "Advanced Multiphasic Polymers (AMP)" group was created in 2014.

The AMP group is devoted to the study of the structure, nucleation, crystallization, thermal and mechanical properties of diverse multiphasic polymeric systems such as:

Semi-crystalline polymers: polyolefins, polyesters, polyurethanes and semi-crystalline thermoplastic materials in general.

Biodegradable Polyesters: PLLA, PBS, PBAz, PCL and several other aliphatic thermoplastic polyesters.

Blends: immiscible polymeric blends of thermoplastic materials incorporating several compatibilization strategies (reactive extrusion, addition of compatibilizers, etc.)

Block copolymers: linear diblock copolymers, triblock terpolymers, myktoarm copolymers. All of these copolymers incorporate one or more crystallizable blocks.

Random copolymers: biobased random copolyesters with isodimorphic behavior.

Nanocomposites: polymeric matrices with carbon nanotubes, nanoclays, nanosilica and other nanofillers.

Hybrid materials: infiltrated polymers and block copolymers within nanoporous alumina.

Current research activities include:

-Morphological studies (polarized light optical microscopy (PLOM), TEM, SEM, AFM)

-Thermal analysis: DSC, TGA, cone calorimetry.

-Nucleation and crystallization kinetics of polymeric materials determined by polarized light optical microscopy and DSC.

-Self-nucleation of polymers (DSC, PLOM)

-Confined crystallization of polymer chains: within blends, block copolymers, random copolymers, hybrid materails and nanocomposites

-SSA: Successive Self-nucleation and Annealing