Dr. Haritz Sardon
Research Lines

Our overall research aims to prepare new functional polymeric materials using sustainable polymerization processes for advanced engineering and biomedical applications. Specially, our investigations involve the synthesis of new polymers using “green” polymerization processes such as monomers from polymer recycling, reagents from renewable sources or the use of less hazardous organocatalysts to prepare not only biodegradable polymeric materials for nanomedicine but also high added value polymers. Our group combines expertise in polymer chemistry, organic synthesis, nanomedicine and material science. 


Research lines:


1. Sustainable Polymerization: We work in the chemical recycling of commodity polymers such as polyesters, polycarbonates and/or polyurethanes to prepare new monomers for highly added value applications. We are also interested in the utilization of less hazardous organocatalysts to prepare new polymers. 


2. Polymers for nanomedicine: the good control of the polymerization processes and the utilization of benign polymerization conditions allow us to synthesize functional polymers that can be employed in biomedical applications. We are currently developing polymer for antimicrobial drug and gene delivery or magnetic resonance imaging applications.